The next generation of

Biometric Security

brought to you by Biometric Creations


You are at the official biometric proving ground of KeyDyn, a next generation password authentication mechanism presented to you by Biometric Creations.

Every person has their own unique rhythm. Our algorithm uses that typing rhythm upon authentication similarly to a hand signature, and extracts all necessary information to distinguish the original user from impostors.

In this web portal we are proving the concept of keystroke dynamics and authentication security based on both behavioral and physiological biometrics.

Our mechanism is cross-platform and we strongly believe that it can change the face of digital security in any situation requiring authentication, such as in social media, online banking, handling of sensitive information, enterprise software and much more.

We would like to invite you to participate in our proving ground and be part of this revolutionary technology.

To learn more or show your interest you can contact us in the form bellow.

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